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February 1st, 2013, 07:16 AM
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The moms groups have been great for us, since we're not from here. I met two groups on, but am now starting to just focus on one of them more because it seems better run and more local. There's something planned at least once a week, usually more. A few moms make it to almost everything, but I pick and choose what seems suitable and fits around music class and swimming, whenever we're signed up for those. There are small sub-groups that meet twice per month, and I've been really happy about that. I like the other moms, and two of the little boys are almost exactly my son's age.

So, lately DH and I have been working on our budget which is certainly tighter now that we have a home that needs help, preschool on the horizon, and a baby on the way. We're trying to figure out how much life insurance to buy, where we can cut other costs, etc. We're about to cut our cable TV, which means we'll basically have no reception at all. Our plan is to watch shows that get streamed over the internet (which we often do now for convenience), but it still feels weird to me to have no TV reception at all. What do you think - would you consider it?

Well, not much new here. It is super cold, below zero. No special plans for the weekend except to try to chip away at the "to do" list and keep DS reasonably entertained. What's going on with you?

Congrats on finding out the likely gender of your baby! It will be a few more weeks for me. It's always fun to see the little munchkin on the screen, isn't it?
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