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February 1st, 2013, 08:34 AM
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How has baby been this week? Sick. First I thought she was just stuffy. Then I thought she had croup. She lost her voice, but now she seems to be getting better. Thankfully, she still slept and nursed well.

What has baby done this week to make you smile? When I put her on the bed to nurse, she immediately rolls on her side and starts kicking her feet in anticipation. She has also started hugging, kissing, and reaching for us.

Did they have any new experiences this week? No, we had the same old routine this week.

What has baby done this week to make you tear your hair out? She personally has not made me frustrated, but when I knew she may be getting sick, I about had a panic attack after remembering what bronchiolitis was like last time.

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