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February 1st, 2013, 08:42 AM
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I ended up being selective towards the end who I spoke to about us TTC. After our 4th miscarriage and 2 years of TTC everyone kind of gave up on us having a baby. My friends started to feel uncomfortable when I would bring it up (because they did not understand, not that they did not support me). My one rock (besides all the girls here!) was my mother in law Martha. She never said a bad thing, only gave me tons of love and support.

When I got pregnant with Scarlett (age 42) and we got to the 12 week mark I made an announcement on Facebook. My mother got on there and told me to get an abortion, that the baby would be deformed, that we could not afford a baby and attacked all my friends online that supported me. It was so horrifying to me that my own mother acted this way and in a public forum like that. It has strained our relationship to the point where we hardly speak anymore. She did come to Scarlett's 1st birthday party and said "I am shocked she doesn't have disabilities".

If you are looking for the support of your friends and family you may be surprised as to who backs you up and who doesn't. ((hugs)) I am glad you found JM too - It is a great place!

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