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February 1st, 2013, 05:51 PM
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How has baby been this week?
Very good - I think he is teething as his cheeks, chin and bum are red raw even with cream and he constantly has his hands in his mouth - he doesn't seem to be upset by it though so im not giving any medicine - will keep and eye on it.

What has baby done this week to make you smile?
He gives me kisses, giggles in his sleep, pets the Maggie dog for fun and is just the cutest most lovely baby in the world

Did they have any new experiences this week?
He learnt to control his rolling over - he's been able to roll for a while by accident but now he can roll when he wants something

What has baby done this week to make you tear your hair out?
Nothing to make me tear my hair out but he has made me cry this week - I've been weaning him off the boob and it has been a very painful and uncomfortable few days but im finally done breastfeeding, anyways he kicked my in the boob a few times on Thursday and made me cry it really fecking hurt and i was quite mad at him (as if he did it on purpose ) but then he smiled and cooed at me so all was forgiven
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