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February 1st, 2013, 06:03 PM
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I cannot believe I am only 20 weeks into this pregnancy and I am so big already. It is to the point where my back hurts, there's enormous pressure, it's hard to move around, bend over, shave, or even stand up from a sitting position on the floor. I feel like there is no room for my tummy to get any bigger. It's so miserable To make it worse chasing my toddler around/holding her, etc. Is there anyone else feeling like there's no possible way to grow anymore? I mean I feel like my skin is so stretched and thin and like everything is just crammed in me with no room. Unbelievable... For example, this pic (my most recent) is from 19 weeks 3 days. I am 20 weeks today but even the picture doesn't do justice to how big it is I mean everyone stranger or not comments.. it's just like enough already... and I am only halfway through!!

On a better note, my anatomy scan is coming up on February 7th!! I am nervous yet ecstatic! Anyone else still waiting?

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