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February 2nd, 2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by MarylandMama View Post
I think you look adorable! I have seen you post other places about gaining weight but that looks like all baby to me. I'm so sorry you are so uncomfortable though. It sounds like you are really miserable. Is there some time you can try to take for yourself to relax each day to help a bit? I know with a toddler, that is much easier said than done. I am definitely uncomfortable and with you on the frustration of chasing the toddler, but it doesn't sound like it's as bad for me yet. I hope you can get some relief soon! Hugs! And hooray for your anatomy scan! So exciting!
it's s weird because even at work if I am sitting down my back like freezes and tightens and causes me pain just sitting there it's so weird! I am gonna sign up for a package of 12 prenatal yoga classes and hope that helps! Thank you for your support and advice

Originally Posted by j&jmom View Post
I'm feeling the same way. I feel like I went from barely showing to BaBoom! I've been huge with all my pregnancies, but my other kids were older. DS3 is only 1 & I'm also feeling like my back wont be able to take this.
ugh I hope it gets better for you too! I just cringe thinking how in the world I can possibly stretch out even more and how my back can support it I am really afraid the baby will be too big for a regular birth like I had with my daughter and I am crossing my fingers that everything will be ok! Crossing my fingers for you too!

Originally Posted by Valerie.June2013 View Post
I think you look cute Maybe you have a bigger baby in there? I say that because I feel like I am running out of room already and this baby is measuring almost a week ahead!
I think I probably do, at least it feels like it :O

and omg I feel for you!! We seem to be in for it!
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