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February 2nd, 2013, 04:09 PM
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...The end is in sight and I feel like you ladies have a lot to offer so I want to stick around here because I really want a natural birth for my baby. Maybe it's because I do more reading than participating in here so you don't know me, and maybe it stings more than it should because I'm hormonal but my feelings are hurt. I feel like some of the comments and vibes I'm getting are what people are talking about when they say folks interested in the natural side of things are too militant.

I'm Tricare Prime. I see a therapist at the military treatment facility that I have a really good relationship with. I can't see her if I switch to Standard. Given the fact my husband was deployed most of the pregnancy and will be leaving very soon after if he even gets to stay and I don't think switching therapists and trying to build a new relationship at this time is a wise choice. If I'm not healthy I can't take care of my baby. In addition, if I were to go Standard, I could get a midwife who has privileges at a hospital but the one birth center in the area is closed to me since I'm too far along (not to mention they book up quickly). Homebirths run 3K in my area and I can't afford that by my due date especially with my husband needing some new things to go back out to sea. The main thing is I need to see a therapist and this is not a good time to switch. She's worked with me on non medical ways to stay healthy so that I can carry this baby and breastfeed throwing that away would be foolish. Because as I'm sure a great deal of you know not all mental health professionals are that supportive.

My spirit hurts a little bit having to share that because it's more than I typically share on a message board but I'd really like to be able to come in here and get feedback and prepare myself for my birth. And I'd love to be able to come in here triumphant and share my birth story with all of you because I've got a decent chunk of people IRL who don't think I can do this and I can't wait to prove them wrong while giving my baby the best start. Please no more badgering to switch. Please.
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