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February 2nd, 2013, 08:16 PM
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Grrrr. So I joined another scrapbook board to get more ideas, sketches, etc. They are having a contest where you tell the leader the # you want and she tells you what you have to use on your page, or whatever. Well to start with she put who ever wanted to be apart of the contest needed to reply below they are in. I put something like Ill give it a try. Up at the top of the page is a place that says RSVP- attending, maybe, decline. I clicked maybe...because maybe I could do it maybe I couldnt.... but no where in the original post does it say anything about actually selecting an RSVP.... so the next step was to PM the leader the number you picked.. Well I cant play because I clicked maybe for RSVP, not attending.... Im kinda peeved.. but more annoyed. Ive been waiting to do this challenge, then get told I cant... I replied back to her and said oh I didnt realize we actually had to select an RSVP cause it didnt say to do it.. tha tI did post the comment like the directions said... Glad things here are so plain and clear here!

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