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February 2nd, 2013, 10:18 PM
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Oh woow thats really a cool group! Sounds like its working perfect for your schedule and that your son can get along with some littles his age.

Man before we left to Saudia we had digital cable and it was crazy expensive. It easily sucked out almost $185 bucks a month not including different movies we would order. We decided when we came back this time to just get satellite installed to save the craziness of cable charges. So I totally dont blame you Heidi for getting that bill out of your budget. But having no reception would be difficult for me. If you dont get satelllite installed could you get a cable antenea that connects from the cable outlet and that would allow you to get digital local programming?.

That is super cold! Its been sunny here and not to cold at all but it seems since coming back I cant manage to not be soo busy. IT seems everyday theres somethign going on or someone coming over or us going over to someone. Shopping has been nonstop so really Im just waiting for a day to be at home and not working about entertaining or going out. Its getting harder to go out and do things with getting all the littles dressed and groomed and ready then once we hit the road or store someone has to use the restroom or is suddenly starving to death yeah...I would like to get some cooking done and put some meals in the freezer. Do you do any advance meal freezing for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Thank you for the congrats. Im super excited to have another daughter and for my last baby to be a girl. I forgot if you said you would find out or not. ? I have another u/s at the end of the month so will get that chance to baby again and yes its always nice to get a peek!!...
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