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February 3rd, 2013, 08:33 AM
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Its just annoying! They want to pretend that the past never happened and everyone should be so grateful she has a sudden interest in the kids.......they don't seem to realize that her interest is only to please them. When they are not watching she could care less about the kids.

I know some are going to bash me for saying that, but its true. When they aren't around or telling her to, she doesn't try to contact the kids. She only calls them when she is with her parents. She has sd's cell # and doesn't text her or call her on her own.

They were obviously an afterthought or she would have made plans to see them well in advance when she was coming out here...instead of calling last minute when she was already driving out here. Don't tell me she didn't know until she got into the car she was driving across the country! She had to have known at least a day before leaving. And I don't care how tired she was from her drive, she had a few hours to see her kids and should have made the most of them. I would have taken caffeine pills or drank energy drinks if it meant seeing my kids if I was in her position.

Im just sick of her and her parents. They are pushing a fake relationship that is going to collapse as soon as she moves out of their house. How do I know this? 8 years of experience! We have been down this road many times. I just don't have benefit of the doubt left in me for her.

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