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February 3rd, 2013, 11:09 AM
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I have btdt with divorce and a new marriage. The hardest part of life is keeping a good marriage....harder than raising kids, keeping a great job, and even family relationships. Shouldn't be, but it is.

In my first marriage, about 4yrs in to it and 2 kids later, we went to marriage counceling. It saved my marriage for another 6yrs...It taught us how to be intimate again and talk. I also went to personal counceling after the marriage counceling to work out deep routed anger against my DH. (ANOTHER STORY). I was married a total of 16yrs and had 4 children with him. In the end, I just never had that connection with a man/woman way. I wish I did not let it go that long, but with kids, you try your hardest.

With my new DH I too have the struggles of PP intimacy. But I know I want to be intimate with him, we just dont have the time. I would strongly suggest therapy to try and get to the root of your problems and go from there. Staying in a marriage just for the baby is not enough reason too, IMO. But I really think its the change in your family dynamics that has broke down the communication and intimacy. Family, friends, and even us, will not be able to get to the "real" problem. I think marriage counceling is excellent choice. Do it before you really start to resent him......praying you find that happiness again.
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