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February 3rd, 2013, 12:38 PM
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I'm across the ocean from my family and can't take time off of work to fly home for a baby shower, so we'll be doing a "welcome to the world" shower when we visit in Sept.

We'll be putting on the party ourselves probably at my mom or grandma's house and not expecting anyone to host/pay it for us. We also we be putting a "no gift necessary" type thing on the invite - its important to me that people don't think I'm doing this to get stuff out of it for my baby. I really want it to be time for all my family to come meet & get to know my LO. It'll be a while before i can go back home again, so I want my baby to soak up the time of being spoiled & fussed over by her family!! =)

Def agree and do whatever works best for need to add stress to your life!

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