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February 3rd, 2013, 12:41 PM
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I never got one with my daughter, as I was supposed to have a meet the baby party. Personally I think I didn't get a baby shower because my boyfriend's mother/family didn't believe my daughter was my boyfriend's. (some true Maury stuff except she's not bad at all...) I was even asked to do a paternity test with her 6 days after baby was born.. yep and the DNA tester said she was the youngest they'd ever tested and I've never been so mortified.. Anyway.. that's a whole other book.. the point is I never even got a meet the baby party.. but I mean my boyfriend's family did buy a lot of my daughter's things and my parents bought some things so it was alright.. I just really wanted a day about my daughter.. now that I am pregnant again I really want one but I don't know if I will get one. 99.9% of my "friends" left when I got pregnant with my daughter and all I really have are some of my family and bf's family.. he doesn't communicate with many people anymore either.. so.. ya.. I wanted to have a baby shower and incorporate my daughter in it but I really don't think anyone will throw me one and I would feel like an absolute loser "pity party" throwing one for myself... ughhhh so ya I know how you feel xx
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