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February 3rd, 2013, 03:38 PM
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Alright, I spent part of the day queasy so I feel a bit safer posting this.

My cycle started on December 9th with a miscarriage. I had geared up to ovulate repeatedly, but we weren't really having sex this cycle. I thought on January 9th that it was another fake out ovulation. DH just happened to want sex that day, and I believe I was like, "Ugh, whatever, just hurry up." And he takes what he can get so he was happy. lol

I considered like all the other "thought it might be O" days I had that maybe I did O, so I would start looking at 9 dpo for AF signs. This last time at 9 DPO I had my typical start of "AF," a small speck of blood in a CM check. So I slapped on my panty liner(just bought 2 new boxes and a new box of tampons!), and went on about my day. The next day was the same, speck of blood in CM. I was thinking that my LP was doing better. Yay!

11 DPO: brown when I wiped.
12 DPO: some brown and some pink
13 DPO: pink on panty liner, dark red/maroon during CM check <--definitely AF! *tampon* 12 day LP woot!
14 DPO: Same as 13 DPO, only disappeared after a few hours.

Me: Huh. This MUST be what an anovulatory cycle is. My uterus lining is just all f*ck this! Made some posts on JM about it, talked to a friend about it.

Friend: You are pregnant.
Me: No, I'm not!
Friend: Girl, you need to test! Same thing happened with my third! Just do it! I'm right, I'm sooooo right about this.
Me: Fine. *pees on stick* BFP!

15 DPO: One instance of pink when I wiped. Bleeding stops.

So as of now I am 5 weeks and 4 days. Got my first bad tummy feelings. I think it was acid reflux. Puts a lot of pressure on my chest after I eat. Have that lump at the bottom of my throat. My first food aversion is sugar snaps. Kind of sucks. I am craving Twizzlers. I want so many Twizzlers right now. And freaking Tacos! Making those tonight.
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