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February 3rd, 2013, 10:10 PM
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I plan to apply for the best they'll offer and I intend on being a SAHM. However, I do know that maybe in 6 months I will have to return to the workforce or get a graduate assistantship or something which will mean more pumping. I intend on breastfeeding for at least 18 months (probably will shoot for 2 years) and would like to pump to keep up my supply. So, while in the short-term I don't intend to use the pump a lot I'm thinking of the long-term and for the next baby (IF I decide to have a third!).

BTW, if my insurance company is willing to pay for a similar pump to my medela I will be putting my old medela pump up for sale. It is used but very clean. The bag it came in took a severe beating (I also used it to haul lunches/snacks and the tubberware stuff kept pulling at the fabric). All the accessories will need to be purchased but I intend to price my old pump to keep the total overall cost to about $80. It was used for only a year on part-time hours with an average of 2 pumps per day around 15-30 minutes at a time.

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