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February 3rd, 2013, 10:19 PM
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I've never been able to organize or style my house in a grown-up way. I try my best but it never works out for me. I just don't have that eye. My mother constantly gets under my skin whenever I try something new because all I get is a raised eyebrow and an "Oookay" She once remarked that my house looks like a college student's apartment Part of the problem is that we just don't have the funds to upgrade on things. A piece here or there has been upgraded but not whole rooms or anything. My goal is to replace all the Target book cases in the house with nicer all hardwood ones. We check out the used stores a lot to find those.

ANYWAY back to my point.

In an effort to at least keep my house tidy and keep me from feeling overwhelmed I've decided to write my own daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cleaning tasks.

When I was pregnant with my son I felt a deep LOATHING for certain areas of my house and NOTHING (and I do mean NOTHING) else could be done until those areas had been tackled. To check that and to feel like I'm doing more for the baby I figured that making chore lists would make me feel like I'm doing more.

Does anybody else do this? How successful of a strategy do you find it to be?

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