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February 3rd, 2013, 10:37 PM
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What a good game! I was rooting for either team this year since I lived in Maryland for a while, but have friends in California. I wasn't really as impressed with the commercials as I have been in previous years. There was 3 that I liked that was it. The halftime show was great I love Beyonce. She's such a classy lady. I could have slapped my MIL. During the HT show she says, Beyonce is good but I really wish she would slim down. What?!? I was literally angry. I looked at her and said, no way she is a beautiful full figured woman and that is why people praise her..... I mean if she thinks B is fat then she must have thought I was a whale since the day she met me! She thinks its healthy and more attractive to starve herself down to 90lbs. My blood was boiling.

Oh the joys of being pregnant. I get soooooo angry over the stupidest things!

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