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February 3rd, 2013, 10:38 PM
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I've been a SAHM and love my swing!!! By Medela!! Best pump ever! It's a single electric that can plug into your wall or car or can use batteries!

I personally thought it was a complete waste to have a manual took forever!! And won't keep your supply up like a two stage (pumps with two rythms like a baby for natural letdown) Medela will!

Also!! Check the back of toys r us catalogue they ALWAYS have coupons in the back!!
At least in Canada! You can even get them online!

It's 189.97 online in canada( probably cheaper in us)
Oh I guess it's 219.00 regular price! But is on sale online!

Also it's lasted for my three kids I've had so far and my sil borrowed it for a child this year (she got new tubing and shields)

One last point! It's worth buying a good one off the bat! You can waste more on cheaper ones!

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