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February 4th, 2013, 05:51 AM
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Currently DH is gone and will be back within a week or so. When he comes home, we are supposed to go to FL to get a few things done with our house and for him to meet with people for his job when he gets out of the Navy. When his parents were here for Thanksgiving, his mom ended up taking a percocet from us. We count when they are going to visit because we noticed ones missing in the past. He confronted his mom and she gave a explanation that she is depressed and just wanted the pain to stop and all these things that made no sense as to why she took our pills (like them not having a big house for her grandkids to grow up in). I got annoyed with her explanation because how is she supposed to watch my kids if she is depressed and taking pills and we don't and never have lived with them so why does it matter if THEY have a big house? Anyways so DH then pretty much tells her not to do it again but then the whole message is about making her feel better about the house and any thing she said. She never had to really own up to it, she never said it would never happen again and she never said sorry for doing it. DH also lied about why we counted the pills... he said it was to make sure our boys never got into them (because our 6 year old is totally going to go pop some pills right? )

Anyways, when we go MIL wants to watch all the kids. I already told DH I wasn't ready to leave Kara and me EBF is a good excuse. MIL has talked about wanting to drive and take the boys to a restaurant. I'm not comfortable with this. I think there needs to be consequences for what she did and one of which should be she isn't allowed to drive our kids around until she gains our trust back and we KNOW she isn't taking anything. Also with Kara having two teeth now, my nipples are sore (even though I haven't felt her bite at all) and I'm debating giving her some bottles which is a debate I've been having with myself for some time. I worry that if I am no longer EBF that MIL and DH will try to convince me to leave Kara and I'm just flat out not ready for that... plus the issues with not trusting her just adds to me not wanting to.

So should I email DH trying to explain everything or should I wait until he is home? I worry about face to face because I worry I'll get emotional and end up expressing my concerns in a way that he feels like I'm attacking his mom and also we might be on a time limit with this conversation because of actually leaving for FL. I also worry about email because if it starts an argument, he is on the ship and can't email frequently and might end up going on for a couple days.

Input? TIA!
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