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February 4th, 2013, 07:29 AM
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Your Name: Katie

Baby's Name: Bailey Grace

Baby's Age: 5 months today (the 4th)

Update on you & baby please: I'm finally doing well!!! Things are going great and, though I have my moments, I have come out of the PPD for the most part. Things are about to get hectic again as baseball season started last week for my oldest 2 boys. Bailey Grace is doing well!!!! She's sitting up on her own, though she doesn't like rolling much. She can do it, she just prefers to be sitting up and looking around. She is also moving. She tucks he legs under her pushes her bottom in the air and lunges forward. It's so cute! I wish I could report that her gain is much improved, but it's still so very slow. She's about 12.5 lbs right now. I also which I could report some good news about her genetics appointment, but we're still going back and forth trying to get her seen. We're probably going to see about having her seen at another clinic at this point. The one we're talking with now is just plain unorganized, it seems.
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