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February 4th, 2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by missy123 View Post

When I got pregnant with Scarlett (age 42) and we got to the 12 week mark I made an announcement on Facebook. My mother got on there and told me to get an abortion, that the baby would be deformed, that we could not afford a baby and attacked all my friends online that supported me. It was so horrifying to me that my own mother acted this way and in a public forum like that. It has strained our relationship to the point where we hardly speak anymore. She did come to Scarlett's 1st birthday party and said "I am shocked she doesn't have disabilities".
OHMYMUTHERF***INGLORDY!!!!!!! My friend my friend!!! WTH is WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!? And on FB!!!! I don't get it I just stupid or something???? I*JUST*DO*NOT*GET*IT!!!!

Was she jealous....?

I LOVE the name Scarlett

Ladies, I appreciate ALL of you just that much more now....WOW...
I am *NOT* giving up...and fingers crossed and best wishes to all on this site!
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