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February 4th, 2013, 10:59 AM
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Thanks ladies for your input. I am the same way Katie and sometimes my emotions have caused our what should have been a little disagreement into an argument lol.

DH could tell something was wrong and asked me what was worrying me. DH is not deployed at the moment, he is on a workup and his department isn't doing much on this one. When he was on the flight deck, I would not have said anything but given his rank and where he is working during this workup, there is no worry of him being side tracked and getting hurt.

Since he wanted to know what was wrong I told him that I hoped he didn't take it wrong but that I have some concerns. I was at the gym writing the email so it made me more nervous of his reactions (since I couldn't read, and re-read what I was writing) but I told him that regardless if I continue to EBF, I am not ready to leave Kara when we go places and that I hoped he wouldn't try to pressure me into leaving her. I told him that I'm not comfortable with MIL taking the boys out in public and/or driving them when we can't say for sure that she isn't taking anything. That he said a lot to her about everything but she said a lot of excuses to her taking the pill and did not say that it wouldn't happen again, that it never should have happened or even that she was sorry. He told me that he isn't over what she did and that he fully plans to take her to lunch while we are there and talk about everything and talk about our expectations of her since we'll be living so close (an hour away). He said that when they go out to eat that it will be fine because his dad will be going and he is the one that will be driving. He said that if there is somewhere that his dad doesn't want to go for some reason, then they wont be going. He doesn't think she has any pills there and that's why she took ours but I told him I'm not comfortable with that assumption and that she needs to know she lost some of our trust where the kids are involved and that there needs to be consequences for what she did. He agreed!

I think this was the straw that broke the camels back where his mom is concerned! He would never had said something before and hasn't said things in the past. He is finally standing up to his mother and I am so thankful for that.
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