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February 4th, 2013, 11:08 AM
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I'm sorry. I know how you feel. I haven't tried giving Kara a bottle yet but she too eats every 2 hours. I had some issues with my boys (at the moment I can't remember which one, I believe my oldest). It's hard but you need to have someone else offer the bottle while you are not around. Whoever is feeding can hold her close as if breastfeeding, stand and bounce while offering the bottle. Does she take a pacifier? If so, try to find a nipple similar to the pacifier, this will help too. It may be hard because you don't want your baby to cry but if you are wanting to quit because of the stress of not getting a break and you were wanting to wean in the next few months anyways, it's something that needs to happen. You can also try during a late night feeding doing it yourself while she is still asleep but hungry. She will smell you and the breast milk and might be more willing to take the bottle. Hope you can find something that helps! I fully plan to leave when DH offers Kara the bottle for the first time. I had a friend that her twins wouldn't take a bottle until she left for a week for a funeral (and didn't take the babies)... they had no other option and so they finally took the bottle.
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