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February 4th, 2013, 12:38 PM
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Who is still with us?

Name: Melanie

Little One's Name: Frankie

What are you going to miss/not miss about the newborn stage? I'm going to miss a lot of it. Mostly the cuddles, it's so awesome.

Baby's latest milestone? He's been able to hold his head up somewhat since birth but now he holds it up really high and looks all around while on his belly. He can also roll over now, from belly to back, he won't always do it but he is able too. Still talking up a storm, makes eye contact, tracks with his eyes, looks for where noises come from, looks for DH/me when we leave a room, doing little laughs, smiles socially at everyone who talks to him. He has also been trying to sit up, he isn't strong enough but he really tries. Oh and stands when being held, will pull self into stand position when his hands are held. He's learned a lot this month lol
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