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February 4th, 2013, 07:18 PM
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You do sound very busy! Even just getting one little guy dressed and snacked and out of the way when needed seems to make everything harder, let alone more kids! Hopefully you're truly enjoying the people you entertain and visit, though.

I do advance-freeze some dinners. Definitely not breakfast or lunch though. We just have basic stuff like cereal, sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, boiled eggs, etc. I mainly freeze soups and meatloaf for dinners, but I'm trying to branch out a little and see what else will freeze ok. What kinds of things do you like to freeze ahead? I definitely intend to get better at this. When DS was born we ate just horribly for a while. Neither of us was much into cooking anyway, and I took the "La Leche League" advice way too much to heart and breastfed my son almost constantly, and he wasn't a good sleeper for a long time, so our house was really in disarray. I think we had lots and lots of frozen dinners (not home-made) and I guess delivered pizzas? I don't even remember. But we can't go down that path again! I got a lot more serious about cooking once DS was sleeping through the night and I had my wits about me. Hopefully some of it will be natural enough to do sleep-deprived, this time. (And I do not intend to have my chest open for business ALL the time! Enough is enough!)

Do you think your parenting style has changed much from kid to kid? #2 is it for me, so for sure I'll have to do everything perfectly this time. Ha ha!

Oh, yes, I'll definitely find out the gender, if possible. I'm glad you're excited to have a girl this time. I'm sure I've mentioned that we're hoping for a boy, so our kids can share a room. However, after DS's long obsession with all things car-truck-train, I wouldn't mind a change of pace! LOL. Well, we shall see...
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