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February 5th, 2013, 06:11 AM
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I still haven't done anything or made a decision regarding continuing EBF, supplementing or FF all together. I make a decision to do something then I back out. One night DH was going to give Kara a bottle of formula and I changed my mind and told him not to. Last night she was trying to comfort nurse all through the night. My nipples are so sore because she is using me as a pacifier and she has two little teeth now or when she latches on my let down takes a minute and she starts pulling away... while still attached. At one point, I detached her without her nursing and gave her her pacifier and she was perfectly fine with that for over an hour. I suggested to DH that we try putting her in another room for a night and see if not being next to me helps but he would rather try a bottle first.

Every time I think about not EBF I think that I'm doing something wrong. Also I'm scared to stop or lessen the amount of feedings because I'm prone to mastitis and don't want to risk getting it again. I've never stopped before... there was always circumstances that made me stop like drying up or baby weaning. Part of my reasons for continuing is because it's good for her and it's something only I can do and if I stop, there is no going back. Other reasons are more selfish... one because formula is expensive and it's a cost that we don't NEED to pay... plus I burn calories while BF and with me still having 29lbs to lose I like the thought of BF helping.

Any suggestions on how to help me make a decision?
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