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February 5th, 2013, 06:35 AM
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I would think about trying some of the suggestions you mentioned before abandoning BF all together. Try to have her take the paci, move her in another room at night, etc. If that doesn't work and she's truly hungry overnight and not just needing comfort, then have DH give her a bottle overnight. Can you pump? That will keep you from having to buy formula. I have the same feelings about not wanting to buy what I can produce for free, LOL. So, I pump every morning off one side while she nurses off the other. It helps with the letdown and I get more off the other breast while she's nursing vs just pumping alone. I can get about 6 oz off one side, so it's enough for a bottle a day, should she need it. I use the stash for bottles while she's in the church nursery and I'll use it to make pureed food in a couple of months.

I know it's no help, but only you can decide what's best for you and Kara. For me personally, I start to think about how I'd feel in a few weeks to a couple of months when, like you said, there's no going back (for most women, at least) once the decision is made. I remember how ready I was to be done EBF when my boys weaned themselves and then intensely missing nursing them only a couple of weeks later. I think that I would miss it even more with Bailey being so young, so I've resolved to keep it up. If you think you may miss it, then I would keep it going in some capacity, even if it's only a couple of times a day. She'll get the benefits of the breastmilk, and you'll get the closeness of nursing.

However, if you choose to supplement or FF exclusively, there's nothing wrong with that decision, either! She's almost 5 months old and that's a great amount of time with Kara receiving your milk. If it will be mentally easier on you to supplement or move to formula altogether, then please don't feel any guilt over that. (((hugs))) I know this is a hard decision for you. I hope you find something that works for you and Kara!
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