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February 5th, 2013, 11:24 AM
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At first I couldn't believe that I actually got pregnant the last cycle. The first ultrasound and the empty sac did concern me but it was still so early that I really didn't think too much about it. The second one did concern me and caused me to be a little less attached then this last one it was determined that it was in fact a blighted ovum. I can't believe it! How could this happen to me??

My MD was very comforting and explained to me that actually 60% of pregnancies end with miscarriage. That made me feel slightly better. He told me that I could do this one of three ways 1)wait for this to happen on its own 2) Have a DNC 3) take cytotec to speed the process.

I opted for the DNC because I was afraid if I did it at home with the cytotec I might end up with a DNC anyway in case everything didn't come out of me like it was supposed to.

Please don't just read this and not respond. I would really like to know if anyone as been through this? What should I expect after/during my DNC? When should I expect my cycle again?

Thanks for your time!

Please if you read someone reaching out, please reply to them! It breaks my heart to see a post where someone is reaching out and it has 200+ views and no comments!
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