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February 5th, 2013, 12:53 PM
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Sorry you're going through this! I've had 2 D&C's, and they were both different.

D&C #1: I had a blighted ovum (like you), had a D&C around 7 weeks. I was groggy, but not asleep for it. It wasn't really painful or anything. However, I did have some retained tissue afterwards, so I bled lightly on and off for 2 MONTHS before the tissue finally came out on its own. So it was really frustrating, but not that bad pain-wise, and at least I didn't need a repeat D&C to get the retained tissue out.

D&C #2: After a rollercoaster of a pregnancy, we lost it at 9 weeks (no heartbeat anymore). Different doctor performed this D&C (we were traveling at the time so I wasn't near my normal OB). This time I was given heavier meds so I was actually asleep for the procedure. Again, not much pain afterwards. I only really bled that day and the next, and then no bleeding after that. I got AF about 5 weeks later.

The hardest part about the D&C's wasn't the procedure itself, or the pain (since there really wasn't much pain), but it was the emotional aspect. The "now you're pregnant - now you're not" thing. It took a little while to mentally adjust to not being pregnant anymore. It's really tough, but hang in there. The gals on this board are great, too.

Like someone above said, though, you might want to post on the main board so more people can read and respond to it. I missed your post the first time!
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