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February 5th, 2013, 04:19 PM
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I agree with Katie, try your other options first like the paci and have her sleep in another room. See if any of that helps. I also think you can try pumping, that way she will still receive breast milk, thats what I do with Matthew and that way you dont have to buy the 'un needed' formula. I know its such a hard decision to make, I keep changing my mind a lot to. I originally just wanted to pump and only bottle feed but then decided to try bf and I ended up finding out I really enjoyed the time with him and the closeness. I said I would switch to exclusive pumping when he was a month then 2 then 3 then 4 lol and I still haven't and probably wont either lol.

But take you time on deciding, it is a big decision and one that you cant go back on after its been done you know. But n another note, if giving her a bottle or 2 once in a while will help give you more time for yourself then that is always good thing. We always need some time to ourselves to. *hugs*

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