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February 5th, 2013, 06:54 PM
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Well it wasn't as chipper of an appt as I’d hoped so I've been sitting here the last few hours trying to take it all in. I've been telling every doctor and specialist I've been going to for allergies and my heart palpitations that we want to have a baby. They all gave us the green light basically. Now we’re pregnant. Now we find out I’m higher risk than we even thought.

The ultrasound today looked good, can see the sac, which is what to expect for 5 weeks. I asked if the cramping and muscle soreness on the left side was normal and he said "we will have to see if its normal for you". Good answer from the doctor. The ultrasound showed some scar tissue from past removal of a dermiod cycst. And the sac is right next to the scar tissue, but he said it wouldn't be a big deal. Cool, cool.

So my lungs had been tested in the pulmonary department back in sept showing that they are in as sensitive and reactive of a bracket as the testing would even go to. The respiratory therapist said she's rarely seen lungs as reactive as mine. They also know I have three different types of heart palpitations, two are "benign" but excessive, one is still an "unknown". Guess I did not realize how all of this would translate into a pregnancy despite feeling like I've asked a million questions.

So I asked I asked the OB/GYN if I will be more in the clear after the first trimester, since I know that’s what most woman worry about. He said I won’t ever be ‘in the clear' in this pregnancy, that the 3rd trimester will be dangerous for me. He said with the increase of blood and the pressure it will be putting on my lungs and heart, I will have to be monitored by a pulmonary specialist and continued monitoring with a cardiologist as there will be risk of pulmonary failure and/or cardiac issues. Even after delivery they will have to watch me closely for the effects blood loss with have on my system.

In the end I know it’s all up to God anyways. We created this baby and we will see this through and will have to pray for peace & grace for the next 9 months.

He's having me back in two weeks and will probably see me every two weeks through the pregnancy, probably ramping up in third trimester. He'll work closely with pulmonologists and cardiologist, even up till delivery day.

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