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February 5th, 2013, 09:44 PM
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I am here. Sometimes. Barely.

Some days I am barely keeping my head above water.

But, things are good. One kid is back at college, and she is in the height of swimming. We have driven back and forth to watch her swim several weekends. Erin is swimming at the Y - and we have had meets for her too. Both boys are playing basketball and we are trying to coordinate those too. For example - this weekend Kelsey has a meet in the morning, Erin the afternoon. The boys have games in the afternoon - one at 1:30 and one at 2:00. (The games are an hour and not at the same school - see the problem??) Andrew also has a birthday party. Sunday Erin has a meet again. We divide and conquer but I cannot go see all the kids in their sports. I think I will take basketball and bday party and let Andy take the swim meets.

We just got word that Erin got the same money to attend the same school next year. She is so happy that she is staying there next year. It's a stretch for us financially, but worth every penny. She just took a scholarship test this past weekend and I hope they take some more off her tuition. However - she did get two B's on her report card! In reading and language arts. That's the joy of the teacher pushing her to do better. Erin says it's hard and she is a tough grader. GOOD! I am fine with the B's and Erin wasn't even upset. She knows how hard she is working.

Kelsey's grades in college weren't what I would have liked to have seen, but hopefully she will buckle down and do better this semester. She had two B's and two C's but that made her GPA 2.6. She needs a 3.0 (cumulative) to keep her academic scholarship. If she doesn't keep that scholarship she's coming home to live here and go to school locally (and cheaper) than going to that college. The ball is now in her court. We'll see what she does.

Andrew and Shane both just started in Lego clubs after school. Andrew could probably teach the class - LOL. Currently he is working on building a rotating model of the solar system with his Legos. His biggest problem is he only has six motors and pluto is rotating too fast. It has taken him two days just to do pluto and he is still working on it. He just go all A's again on his report card.

Shane's report card was okay. Mostly G's (good) and S's (satisfactory). I think he has more issues with hearing and not speaking up when he doesn't hear. He is so similar to Kelsey educationally speaking. Her ADD kept her from getting super grades and it still hinders her in college. Shane is having problems not with behavior or ADD - but he just won't tell the teacher when he doesn't hear. He is also my little comedian and my follower, which has caused him to get in trouble more times than I would like at school. If someone laughs, he keeps going. I don't really know what to do with him.

I am still in school. I barely have time to get anything done, but am maintaining my Deans List status. LOL I did get that A- which ruined my 4.0 average, but what can I do? I guess I will have to settle for GPA of 3.96. It's not perfect. LOL (I know where my daughter gets it)

With everything else I am doing - my house is a wreck, laundry is barely done, and I need to go to the grocery store. I think I need a personal assistant too. LOL

Aren't you sorry you asked?????

Thanks to Jaidynsmum for my awesome siggy!!!

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