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February 6th, 2013, 03:21 AM
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Yet another can't stay awake night... Laid down to watch Dexter.. next thing I know Dh is watching his 4th episode of Falling Skies... oops

Not much happening other than some major cramping. I'm 9dpo... thought I might have seen something on a cheapie earlier... but I don't know. I'm pretty sure at this point I want to be pregnant so dang bad that I'm probably imagining it.

DH got the call from his supervisor today... he (the sup) goes back to work on the 18th.. so DH shouldn't be too far behind that. I don't want to see him go... but we could really use some decent money coming in again. He also got word of a few other jobs coming up, that he'd want/get before the big one in Kentucky we were looking at. Which would be good... I was terrified of having to move to Ky.. since I couldn't use a midwife and birth center (same in Indiana I was told). Down fall.. being close enough to have my inlaws show up right after having the baby. lol.

So now we sit and wait. The pool in our building opens up next week again... so I'm going to somehow drag myself over a few days a week and get active again. See if I can get some of the weight off. And even if I do get my bfp, I'm not opposed to exercising while pregnant either.. it's not like I'm doing impact training, and swimming is supposed to be good for sore joints
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