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February 6th, 2013, 05:58 AM
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Alicia was extremely difficult and not interested at all either. Underwear resulted in full blown tantrums even after she was fully trained she was wearing diapers for at least a month and pull ups gave her a rash. Anyhow, I dont think she was "ready" per say but I was sick of changing 2 diapers. So I was kinda pushing to do it. I had the potty in the family room and watched her like HAWK for 2 days lol. Still nothing came of it, but I knew when she had to poop, she would go hide somewhere. So I would run and get her, but usually it was too late or she wouldn't go on the potty and just wait.

After 2/3 days, I decided to make a potty chart and told her everytime she went pee pee or poo poo she would get a sticker, small one for peeing, big one for popping and I went to walmart and stocked up on hundreds of stickers lol. That seriously worked like a charm she was trained in no time. She was sooooo excited to get a sticker I think she would make up or force pee's sometimes just to get one lol. We did this in Nov and haven't had an accident since not even over night Maybe you can try something like that? IDK if it will work cause I am sure every kid as their own time/willingness to be trained so anything you try might not work? I just kept trying different things but if I wasn't changing 2 diapers I probably wouldnt have tried and just let her train on her own.

Underwear were a whole different story, I had to show her that mommy was wearing underwear and big girls wear them, have her pick the ones she wanted to wear at the store etc and that worked too.

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