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February 6th, 2013, 09:42 AM
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12.5 weeks

Well, its been a rough week. I went back to work last Tuesday which wasn't all that bad but I'm thinking the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I work both night and day shifts (12 hrs a piece) which really sucks. In fact, yesterday I worked 7a-7p barely stayed awake through dinner, nursed Annalise then went straight to bed. Needless to say, I barely got to see her. And today I'm working 7p-7a. Its definitely a struggle but due to financial reasons we can't afford me to go part-time or even be a SAHM. Boo

On top of it all, Annalise is going through another growth spurt so her lovely 6hr stretches in the evenings have now been reduced back to every 3-3.5hrs. While I don't mind getting up to feed her, nothing irks me off more than listening to DH snore next to me while I'm doing so. Why am I the one who has to be sleep deprived, expected to clean the house, plan meals, pay bills, and take care of myself and our child? This sucks!

I love my husband dearly but sometimes he is really crappy.

Anyway, enough about my drama filled day. Annalise is doing great! I feel like she's gained some considerable weight over the last couple weeks as she approaches her 3 month mark. Still less than 11lbs but a lot more than the 9lbs5oz she was at her 2 month appointment. You can definitely see it in those chubby cheekers .

She seems more alert each day and is now scooting around now on her hands and knees. More like inchworming but moving around none-the-less. I think she'll end up being an early crawler. Just hasn't quite figured out how to pick her head up and do it at the same time. She's also batting and grabbing at toys easier. Which leads me to believe that not only is her hand-eye coordination becoming better but her vision too.

Eventually she'll be holding onto toys and chucking them at me while I'm in her face babbling at her. lol

Otherwise nothing too exciting. The everyday eat, sleep, wake periods that go in cycles at this point. Her naps are like clockwork after playtime. She usually becomes fussy then just wants her blanket and paci and to lay down for a while. Which, you'd think while she did so I would nap or get something done around the house...oh no. Instead I hop on here or just get discouraged about all that I have on my plate.

Hopefully I'll figure out a routine between work, play, eating, and sleep time soon. :/

Until then...happy hump day!
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