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February 6th, 2013, 11:49 AM
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Thanks ladies! Thanks Katie for the idea of pumping from one breast while she is nursing from the other... I need to start trying that in the morning if she goes long periods at night, or after I get back from the gym since that's at least 3 hours since her last feeding.

I really don't want to give her bottles (unless of expressed milk and only when I have to be gone for appts) and so I'm trying everything I can to avoid it. Last night Kara was up a bunch and at 2am she wouldn't nurse. I emailed DH when I was frustrated and he told me that I need to start giving her bottles that maybe BM isn't enough for her any more. It had only been about 2 hours since I fed her and so after trying for several minutes to get her to nurse and her pulling while latched on, I detached her and gave her her paci and she slept for another 2 hours. (I told DH this when I got up and he said to do what I feel is right). I'm still not sure if it's comfort but it seems like it. Also our room can't seem to stay a good temp at night. She wakes up really stuffy, as do I a lot. I talked to DH and he agreed since he is off this weekend that we can put her in Owen's room, put Owen in with Vinny and try it for 2 nights (that way there is no worry of keeping Blake up when he has school the next day). If she or the boys don't do well then we change back and try something else.

I know DH doesn't want to push me to put her on bottles but I can tell he wants me too since she is up so much and I'm losing sleep. He also worries about why she is doing it like if she is still hungry. Vinny woke up every 2 hours until he was 1 so I keep having to remind myself that her eating frequently doesn't mean she isn't getting what she needs.
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