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February 6th, 2013, 08:48 PM
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Hi - I don't usually poke into this board but read this and hope you don't mind me interjecting my opinion. I have severe asthma (on a methacholine challenge test I have a severe reaction to the lowest dose). I get terribly sick on Albuterol (which is Ventolin). Xopenex has way less side effects for me (my husband tells me its due to the receptors that Albuterol effects vs the receptors that Xopenex effects). You can even get Xopenex breathing treatments in the ER. When the respiratory therapist gave me 4 puffs of Albuterol to pull me out of the methacholine induced attack (to diagnose me) I vomited for over six hours straight, and ended up in the ER. You should not be having the side effects you're getting, regardless of the day. My asthma is worse at night, I think that's fairly typical.

My husband and I are TTC our first child through all of this as well. Its frankly been a nightmare but I feel we are getting a handle on it. Prednisone isn't as pregnancy friendly either however there are alternatives. My old family practice doc kept putting me on prednisone when I would get bad. My new allergy and immunology doctor (knowing we are TTC) put be on inhaled corticosteroids, which are MUCH safer than prednisone! They also dont have the side effects that I get from prednisone since its primarily concentrated into your lungs. I was concerned about them at first, my husband is a research scientist and I pestered him till he did a bunch of research on the studies done (since he can make way more sense out of them & has access to some medical info i don't). They are significantly more safe than pred and are fairly safe through pregnancy.

Once you get pregnant the asthma still has to be kept under control. My doctor tells me due to the severity of my asthma, my pregnancy could be risky in the 3rd trimester. But if you're TTC your doctors should go ahead and put you on the safer pregnancy drugs, not make you stop. If you're having to use your rescue inhaler that much its a good sign you need daily maintenance with an inhaled steroid. Its especially important to control the asthma through pregnancy due to the increased fluid around your lungs in the 3rd trimester, my doc said it can lead to respiratory failure if it is not help under control. So far it seems the safest oral steroid for pregnancy (according to my allergy and immunology specialist) is Pulmicord Flexhaler.

I really feel for you, its tough balancing all the meds, making sure you're being safe and desperately wanting a baby! I've been dealing with the bad asthma and med stuff since April of last year. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat. You might also want to consider wearing a MediAlert bracelet if ya don't already wear one. I just updated mine to pregnant! I want to be extra safe if anything happens and no one else is around. to you!

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