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February 6th, 2013, 09:12 PM
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I got a referral from my doctor over a week ago for an NT scan, but they never called me back, so I was starting to wonder if they would be able to get me in before 13 weeks 6 days! But today they said they could get me in at 7:30am (Pacific Time) tomorrow morning. I'm so excited to see baby again, but nervous that everything is ok. That paranoia is starting to come back even though I'm out of the first trimester starting tomorrow.

The clinic is like 40 minutes away, plus traffic, so we have to leave way early, but it'll be worth it to put my mind at ease for any problems and see the LO. It also makes me happy because DH didn't get to see baby last time, and this time, he should. They did a transvaginal ultrasound last time and said that it was policy that husband/partners couldn't be in the room when they did a vaginal. :? That just made it seem creepier, really, cuz it was a guy tech, but there was also a female nurse there. LOL Did anyone else have that experience? I'm guessing it's normal. haha Just thought it was funny and weird that he had to leave, like he'd make a big deal out a doctor doing a vaginal ultrasound on me or something. So I'm happy that he'll get to see our baby this time, since he's never had the experience of seeing an ultrasound being done before!

Anyway, I'll update you ladies tomorrow, please send happy thoughts and since I know NOTHING about the nub theory and I'll be 13 weeks... let's hope we have a super super nice tech who will guess for us!

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