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February 7th, 2013, 06:51 AM
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I know I am being silly, because in reality I'd take a baby whenever God decides to bless me with another, but I seriously obsess over the months that I DONT want to get pregnant.

I keep re-calculating when we should start TTC because there are certain months I don't want to have a baby.. lol

Right now, I have out tentative TTC date starting around the end of June, beginning July.
Given that schedule I'd be due in the following months:

Pregnant in June - Due in March
P in July - D in April
August - May
September - June
October - July
November - August
December - September

BUT I am trying to avoid getting pregnant in January, February, March or April because I really don't want DD to have to share her birthday month (October) and I don't want a winter/xmas baby.

SO foolish I know...but honestly, if I didn't have those "preferences," we would have ended up TTC by now, because DH has the baby fever. lol

Anyone else obsess over weird things like this when they consider TTC?
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