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February 7th, 2013, 07:16 AM
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Thanks all for your input. I am only bothered with my asthma a few time through the winter... I don't live in a cold place at all so it's when we have a 'cold' snap here and there. And tank the Lord I never even know I have asthma AT ALL though the summer or rest of the year. That's why he doesn't want to put me on the inhaler that I would use every day indefinitely.

And now here's the Murphy law kicker..ready for just yesterday is when I decided to go to him and he tells me to take zyrtec and prescribes prednisone. I take zyrtec before bed and of course was going to start the prednisone today since it starts out 2 a day...........I had ZERO trouble with my astham last night... ZILCH, NADDA, NUTTIN'!!! SLEPT straight through!!! Now this is NOT a complaint I still started the prednisone this morning.......

Thanks all for your comments and advise....
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