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February 7th, 2013, 09:32 AM
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Haha, I totally obsess over which month to start TTC based on due dates. I definitely don't want another mid-winter baby so TTC in spring is out. Also, we are hoping to take a family trip to Europe this summer, and I definitely do not want to be pregnant when we go. I was pregnant last time I went to Europe, and it was so hot and sunny and everyone was drinking beer and I couldn't! No fun!

I'm trying to decide whether an early summer or fall baby would be best. I think a June baby would be really nice, especially since nobody in our entire extended family has a June bday. That means we have to conceive in September, which is ok, but TTCing in the winter might line up a bit better with some other things we have going on in our lives, so I don't know. Bah!

Originally Posted by CJRPete View Post
I am obsessed with avoiding a third trimester in summer. My R was born August 22 and July, June and Aug were miserable.I refuse to be due in June, July, August, September or even October. NEVER AGAIN. I also don't want an April baby if possible since my entire immediate family is April (by design of my parents using NFP).
I've been thinking about this too. I was SO HOT all the time during my last pregnancy, that the thought of being in the third trimester in the summer is a real turn off. I might not be able to avoid it this time though.

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SO glad I am not the only one who does this. Hehe.

Ideally I'd love to have an April baby. DH and Audrina are October birthdays, and I am an april I would love to add another April baby to the mix!

I think the spring time would in general be the best time of year to have a newborn. Not too hot, but not too cold!
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