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February 7th, 2013, 05:14 PM
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Hi I've never been on this board but thought I would poke in and say hi. I'm 36, pregnant with (God willing) our first and, while I've known it would be high risk, I didn't know how high of a risk until this week. My doctors are saying that my life could be at risk in the third trimester, even after delivery, which really is not what I expected to hear. We created this life so I will see this through and have to pray that God will have his hand in the situation. Now the decision is what to do after this pregnancy...i always thought I would have several kids, so we'll see if its really as rough as they say. My personal beliefs are that I don't take any form of birth control that has a potential to terminate a pregnancy after conception. I don't plan on giving up my sex life, I also don't plan on running what we do by our families (even though we are very close to them). Its overwhelming to run things by your family when you and your spouse haven't even made a decision. While my MIL thinks she gets say in everything we do, she doesn't. My commitment is to her son and only to her son. Our family can way too up in our business so we have only told a few about our situation (family that wont stick there nose in our business).

Pray about it, do some research, there are safe alternatives (maybe even a tubal ligation). You have to be reasonable and not put your life in jeopardy. Having their children grow up without a mother because of how your family feels, might not be the best idea. Its a tough situation. I'm not really sure what we'll do either, my DH and I have to have to figure it out. But I feel where you're coming from, its kind of scary and a lot to deal with. Hope you find some peace in all of this.

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