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February 7th, 2013, 05:33 PM
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I haven't read them, but I have different issues. The fact that it was Twilight Fan Fiction, and my friends who read Twi fic read the story in it's original form, and explained that the woman refused to have a "Beta" or an editor read over her work as she wrote, then turned around and said they read the first book, and it was word for word the original fic, just with the names Bella and Edward changed, that kinda bothered me. As both a fan fic writer and an original fic writer, I personally would never pull to publish anything I wrote and posted in a fandom. And the whole thing kind of caused a huge discussion amongst us fan fic writers about what was appropriate when pulling to publish and how much you should actually change.

Plus the fact that she maintained the abusive relationship themes that were prevalent in Twilight and transformed them into her own series, and then mis-represented the BDSM community, I just could never get over these issues when they added up, even to just quell my curiosity.

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