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February 7th, 2013, 07:39 PM
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I have this strong feeling that I am meant to have a large family--biological and adopted children. However, we can't afford another child right now. Hubby says he is happy with 2, but sometimes says I will have as many babies with you as you want. See? That's a problem. " **you** want." He will have more if I want but he is happy with just 2. I will NEVER be happy with just 2. Furthermore, I don't think hubby would really be up for adopting. He isn't against it, he's just not "into it" like I am.

So for now I am on the patch, which I am having horrible bleeding and mood swings, but oh well.

In about a year and a half we will be debt free, and think about buying a nicer house. I would like to wait until than if nothing else, which really isn't that bad.

Angel Baby gone at 9 weeks, 7/8/13
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