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February 7th, 2013, 09:25 PM
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I am not a fan of ultrasounds, we did have one this pregnancy just to check viability since it was completely a shock to us but otherwise I have never had one before that. I think that they are significantly abused in the medical practice, I think it is "funny" that they are used to monitor for intrauterine growth retardation and are also a cause of the same issue... I also think they cause way more emotional stress on the mother when most of the "potential issues" end up being just fine by birth. I belive that it is best not to worry until you have to, at least for me. I don't have any plan on abortions if something is wrong so therefor what is the purpose of the ultrasound... (at least for me)

As far as dopplers are concerned I haven't been too concerned but my midwifes have also always been very conservative with their use. My current midwife uses the stethoscope for fetal monitoring and I love it except that my children can't hear the heart beat like I can, she also has a doppler that we have used a couple times.

-This is all mostly just my options from personal experience.

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