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February 8th, 2013, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by ShawnaCAN View Post
A pattern like that is pretty typical PP. However, I'd need to know details about the daily obsevations to see if you reached Peak or not. Did your instructor think it did?
I asked her, but I haven't seen a response yet.

Originally Posted by rlh27 View Post
I'm going through something similar! I thought I had O'd based on CM (I usually temp, but am just going off of CM until baby is STTN), but two days after what I thought was peak, I have strange CM and sensation that isn't BIP, but isn't really wet. So confusing. KUP if AF arrives!
Well, I was a little worried because I suddenly thought I was fertile again and we DTD so I was afraid I was in trouble...but it didn't keep going so even if I didn't, I think I'm safe. But I'm 10 days past o if I did o. So, she should be here in three days or I'm going to start wondering what goes on because the longest LP I've ever had while charting besides my one where I must have messed my chart up was 13 days (I had one that was 28 days that I never figured out). I mean I understand I had a baby so I know it could go to 14 or even 16 or something, so I guess in a week I'll either have AF or I'll know. I really hope she shows sooner then that for our trips sake though!

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