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February 8th, 2013, 07:46 AM
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I have been sitting here racking my brain for a few minutes thinking about your question, Kim. The answer is absolutely nothing. I haven't done anything for myself for fun in a very long time. My life is so exhausting. I have Kyah 24-7, and when the kids or DH hold her it doesn't last long. Not long enough for me to do anything for myself. When she does nap (which lately seem to be 20 min cat naps), I have tons if things I have to get done. Cleaning up the house, doing laundry for 5 kids and a husband. Preparing meals, drinks, snacks for everyone. Rushing just to quickly use the bathroom. The list goes on and on. I am sure it is a never ending list. It feels like an accomplishment if I manage to so much as wash and condition my hair and then brush it and put mousse in it. It makes me feel like "yay, I did my hair", lol. And that is so basic I don't even think it counts as "doing" my hair. The more I think about this, the more it is really getting to me. I want to blame DH for not helping out more. Yes, he works 3rd shift; so he has to sleep during the day. But he has days off and he has evenings free. He uses his free time to enjoy his self. He even expects me to get everything for him. Drinks, snacks, food, you name it. I had like an hour of free time yesterday while Kyah slept and he insisted that I use it emailing pics to his Aunt who hasnt seen Kyah yet. He has been pretty much harassing me to burn a stupid movie for his coworker. Finally I made time to get that done. There aretimes he will actually sit there playing his 360 just waiting for me to finish feeding and/or getting Kyah to sleep just to go get him something. Lol, I am now completely irritated. I am sitting here typing this in my phone while holding a sleeping baby and he is on the couch snoring away. His work boots are still in the middle of the floor where he kicked them off, his coat and lunchbag thrown over a chair where they don't belong, his uniform in a messy pile across the room....ugh. geesh, he could at least pick up after his self. Even the dishes from the breakfast of ham egg and cheese biscuits (that I fixed him) are still beside him and the glass from the milk still sitting there too. Because apparently it is my job to clean all that up. And it bothers me so much to see the mess thatvi just clean it up and don't even argue about it.

Anyway, I havent done anything for me. And I am pretty sure no one in this house really cares. **sigh**

Sorry for the rant! I'm feeling irritated at the moment toward DH.

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