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February 8th, 2013, 08:16 AM
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Michelle- I know every marriage is different so what I do may not work for you but when I need a break or want to do something for myself, I don't give DH a choice. DH is on days at the moment but every 3 months he goes on nights and so I would make him help me get Kara to sleep (if she was fighting sleep) on his nights off so I could go to sleep at a decent time. DH used to be bad about expecting me to do things and not helping so one day, I didn't. I didn't do ANYTHING... not one thing for anyone but myself. Obviously Kyah still needs you but one day, you could do nothing but take care of her and yourself. Leave the house dirty, don't cook... your kids are old enough to fend for themselves and your DH needs to realize and appreciate what all you do for him. Blake who is almost 7 was being mouthy with me so guess what, I didn't get him breakfast until he said sorry and stopped being a brat. My DH no longer expects things from me and helps me as much as possible. Last night, he was going to hold Kara and wait to eat so I could actually eat but since I needed to feed her and it was something easy to eat while holding her, I told him it wasn't necessary. He still has his moments and there are things that I do for him as long as he appreciates it... he doesn't do laundry and he ALWAYS leaves his socks around the house so I go around and pick up socks and I do the laundry that he does things I ask but if he starts to forget all I do, I stop until he remembers lol. I hope he starts helping you soon.
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