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February 8th, 2013, 08:20 AM
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Name: Amanda
Age: 28
Where are you located?: Ontario, Canada
How long have you been with DH/SO?: Married just four months, together a year and a half
What are your hobbies?: I used to ride regularly but I am Currently without a horse. I'm supposed to be starting with a nice little three year old this spring but I'm not sure how horseback riding fits in to NTNP or TTC. I've heard some women who ride while pregnant and others who wouldn't dare.
Do you have any kids?: None.
Any pets?: A beagle who I love. I've had her since I was sixteen!
How long have you been NTNP? This is our first cycle of NTNP. I wanted to spend some time getting hormones out of my system, adding vitamin supplements and giving up my addiction to diet pop before actively TTC.
When you do you plan to TTC? We want to go on a honeymoon to Nashville, but DH has to get a passport first. So, once that is done we will go on our honeymoon and it will be go time! LOL.

Hopefully more people reply, I'm loving these boards!
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