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February 8th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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Correct Guesses...

Boy Guesses: 17/29 (59%)
Girl Guesses: 17/18 (94%)
Total: 34/47 (72%)

Note: Leans: So far 80% of leans have been announced girls!

Answer the following questions and I'll tell you what gender I think your odds of having a certain gender are using a combination of science of wives tales lol

If you don't want to answer a question or don't know the answer, that's okay. Skip it

(please base answers on your condition at time of conception!)

Date you conceived (ovulated):
Were you a smoker at time of conception (heavy or light)?
Was your husband a smoker at time of conception (heavy or light)?
Were you drinking on or around the night you conceived?
Was your husband drinking on or around the night you conceived?
Were you breastfeeding?
Were you on Clomid?
Did you have an IUI or use IVF to conceive?
Your BMI?
Do you use any of the following: Fans, Rock Salt Lamp, Ionizer?
How old are you?
What "position" did you conceive in?
Did you have the big "o" while DTD?
Did you DTD every day up to conception for 7 or more days?
Did your husband abstain for over a week before DTD on the day of conception?
Did you DTD every other day/a few times a week up to conception?
Were you or your husband sick when you got pregnant?
Did your husband take a hot shower before you DTD?
Does your husband wear boxers or briefs?
What was your *cm* PH when you were TTC?
Were you losing weight when you got pregnant?
Did you lift weights? Did you do cardio?
Did you have a relatively low calorie diet?
Did you eat a diet high in salt and protein?
Did you eat a diet high in calcium and magnesium?
Were you stressed a lot around the time of conception? If so, were you stressed because you felt overwhelmed or stressed by the desire to succeed/be the best at something?
Did you or your husband have any fertility issues?
If you tried the "nub theory" did it suggest girl or boy?
If you tried "ramzi theory" did it suggest girl or boy?

Answer what you can and I'll give you the modest odds of having a specific gender

* * *

HollyNE2 (50%-70%) -- WRONG
mamalamb (63%-66%) -- CORRECT
mom2gabe (61%) -- CORRECT
BabyBear4 (60%) -- CORRECT
PhD_Bound_Mommy (57%-60%) -- WRONG
Dazielove (50%-60%) -- CORRECT
Jensma (54%-59%) -- CORRECT
TaraJo29 (53-57%) -- CORRECT
beckiethedoula (57%) -- WRONG
Lemon (57%)
manda622 (57%) -- CORRECT
Kayla_7602 (56%) -- WRONG
Tinky (56%) -- CORRECT
sara831 (56%) -- WRONG
Mself145 (56%) -- WRONG
nina529 (56%)
Keakie (55%) -- WRONG
Alpha_allie1010 (55%)
Steph604 (55%)
Jhendrickson (55%) -- CORRECT
SmilesAreContagious (55%)
Jenilope (54%)
Ruthysb (54%)
breathing for two (54%) -- CORRECT
Mommys2lilmen (53%) -- WRONG
MissCiara (52%) -- WRONG
carolinashore (52%) -- CORRECT
rebecca0217 (52%) -- WRONG
babybatax2 (52-58%) -- WRONG
kearsty20 (51%) -- CORRECT
cameronzmom (51%) -- CORRECT
maemcg (51%)

alittlelost (63%-78%) -- CORRECT
Hesperleigh (54%-67%) -- CORRECT
Round2t (54%-62%) -- CORRECT
Sweety_pie (55%)
Sk8ermaiden (54%) -- WRONG
jessicag (53%-66%) -- CORRECT
Erin_0225 (52%-62%)
BirdsWifey (50%-60%) -- CORRECT
Momma2Chase (56%) -- CORRECT
amyhk (54%) -- CORRECT
Mom2RickyRanaJavier (53%) -- CORRECT
kenasmommy07 (52%) -- CORRECT
LauraS214 (51%) -- CORRECT
MandersM (51%) -- CORRECT
SaraSara (51%)

iCathy 48% to 62% girl (strong girl lean) -- CORRECT
Beachmum (49%-52% girl) (girl lean) -- CORRECT
mrsmckenzie1 (49-52% girl) (girl lean) -- lean was CORRECT
KeLLiC09 (43% to 56% girl) (boy lean) -- lean was CORRECT
Allie_SMg (47% to 57% boy) (boy lean) -- lean was CORRECT
soccermamatomany (47% to 57% boy) (boy lean) -- lean was WRONG
Mariri (44% to 57% boy) (boy lean) -- lean was CORRECT
Anitha (44% to 59% girl) (girl lean) -- lean was CORRECT

Toss Up
Dandelion (50/50) -- Having a Girl
yvee80 (50/50) -- Having a Girl!!!
Husher (50/50) -- Having a Boy!
IrishGirl (50/50)
mommy_to_nico (50/50) -- Having a Girl!
babydaniel09 (50/50)
Grlsshp9 (50/50) -- Having a Girl!

Insufficient Data
(guesses made with little information given/many questions skipped)
AllieD (50/50) (with a variance of +7 in either direction due to insufficient data)

Twin Guesses:
Bookreader (55% one of each). -- CORRECT!

*note with the 50/50 guesses, normally there are a 49/51 odds in favor of boy, so some may take that as a very slight girl lean...*
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